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Drillers' Nacita wins Mayor's Trophy

BY ZACH EWING Californian staff writer zewing@bakersfield.com

As Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall listed the accomplishment's of this year's Mayor's Trophy recipient Wednesday night in the Harvey Auditorium at Bakersfield High, Silas Nacita sat up in his chair.

Nacita had no idea he was about to become the 36th winner of the award, given annually to Bakersfield's top senior student-athlete as measured by athletic, academic, leadership and community service qualities.


BHS' Silas Nacita asks mayor Harvey Hall for permission to touch the Mayor's Award trophy after being named the 2012 recipient of the honor during the PEAAK Awards ceremony held at Harvey Auditorium on Wednesday night.

"I had filled out a form, but I had no idea what it was," Nacita said. "Then the mayor comes out and starts reading this list of accomplishments. It starts to click in my head: 'Hey, that sounds familiar.'"

Nacita played running back and defensive back on Bakersfield High's varsity team for three years, helping the Drillers to a 2010 Central Section runner-up finish and the 2011 Division I championship.

He also was a two-time state medalist in wrestling, including the 170-pound silver medal this year.

He was first-team All-Area twice in each sport and also picked up diving on a whim last month with three weeks left in the season: He narrowly missed qualifying for the section finals.

"I did it to get a tan," Nacita said. "Just kidding. I'm just not the type of person to not be doing anything. I had to pick up something else."

Nacita also was the BHS senior class vice president, the school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes president and a two-year captain in both football and wrestling; he'll play football at Cornell University.

Nacita volunteered for a number of community organizations, including the Special Olympics, Relay for Life, Great American Clean-Up, Bakersfield Homeless Shelter and Jesus Shack.

"It's just a great honor to come here and be recognized in front of my community and the mayor," Nacita said. "I'm so thankful they put this together and to the community for their support."

Other finalists for the award were: Patrick Farley, Garces; Matthew Huckaby, Bakersfield Christian; Lucy LaFranchise, Liberty; Harmandeep Manku, South; Cameron Miller, Stockdale; Kaylee Moyer, North; and Adrianna Salazar, West.

The Mayor's Trophy was presented at the beginning of the second PEAAK (Promoting Excellence in Athletics and Activities in Kern) Awards ceremony at BHS.

Other notable winners included Best Male Athlete Chris Hannible, BHS; Best Female Athlete, Meghan Shain, Frontier; Best Sportsmanship, Isaac Lopez, Ridgeview; Play of the Year, Javier Kirksey, Ridgeview; Best Male Student-Athlete, Ryan O'Leary, Highland; Best Female Student-Athlete, Brooke Dickens, Stockdale.



Phone:  (661) 201-1283




Reminder to all coaches on handling Emergency situations:



  1. Approach, but do not move injured player – maintain position.

  2. Immediate CHECK of athlete or spectator.

  3. CALL emergency phone number & give proper directions to site.  (Police – EMS – Fire)

  4. Make sure you have someone in charge of directing emergency vehicles to field.

  5. Care for injured.  (CPR – Rescue Breathing – Control Bleeding – Immobilize)

  6. Never leave an injured person alone. Stay until EMS arrives to the scene.



Date: 9/14/09



To: All GEYF Participants, Parents, and Coaches,


From: Ron White

Executive Director GEYF


Subject:  League Directive (Medical Treatment Clarification)



In the event of game time injury or illness GEYF participants will be both medically assessed and monitored by certified medical staff provided my Golden Empire Youth Tackle Football and Cheer. Throughout the medical assessment and monitoring process, GEYF Medical Staff will have sole authority as to determine a participant’s fitness to return to the action (football or cheer). Any coach who attempts to impede the medical assessment or monitoring process will be relieved of his or her duties immediately.


It is important to note that not even a child’s parent or guardian will be allowed to determine whether or not a GEYF participant can return to game action (football or cheer) once GEYF Medical Staff has ruled that participant ineligible to return. Any parent, guardian, and or individual attempting to impede the medical assessment or monitoring process will be removed from the league permanently.


First and foremost, Golden Empire Youth Tackle Football and Cheer is dedicated to the safety and security of all it participants, family members, friends, and volunteers. As an organization we take extreme measures to ensure everyone is safe and your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.



Golden Empire


Youth Tackle Football



Date: 7/20/09


From: Ron White

Executive Director GEYF/GEYC


To: All GEYF/GEYC Parents, Participants, and Coaches.

        (Including All Independent Areas)


Subject: Extreme Heat Practice Modification Schedule.


Due to extreme heat conditions the following “Practice Modification Schedule” will be in effect for all Golden Empire Youth Football and Cheer Programs until further notice.


Modified Practice Schedule:


          A. All GEYF/GEYC Practices will start no earlier than 6:00pm and will not exceed more than two (2) hours in length.


          B. All GEYF/GEYC Practices will be conducted with limited physical activity. GEYF/GEYC Programs will be allowed to hold light walk - through practices focusing more on technique and less on physical activity.


          C. There will be no “Team and or Individual conditioning “while the “Modified Practice schedule is in effect. Teams are to use the conditioning period to conduct stretching and provide a cool down period for all participants.


          D. All GEYF/GEYC Participants will be given “Fluid Breaks” a minimum of every fifteen (15) Minutes. Participants will have unrestricted access to fluids throughout the course of practice, and will be encouraged to hydrate as much as possible before, during, and after practice.


Golden Empire Youth Football reserves the right to not only modify practice at any time but may also cancel practice when warranted.




Ron L. White

Executive Director





“Put Emphasis on Fundamentals”


All parents should want their children to only enjoy winning, but more importantly to be taught the correct fundamentals of youth tackle football. Being taught correctly will reduce the risk of injury and will provide the long term benefit of a sound football education.


Coaches that skip the fundamentals and conduct a majority of scrimmages during practice do not provide your child with the learning experience they need and deserve.

Golden Empire is a very competitive league and I believe competition can be a good thing. The key is to teach young athletes how to deal with both winning and loosing. Coaches that are overly concerned with winning often overlook many of the good qualities of teaching and the development of every athlete on his or her team.



Ron White

Executive Director GEYF


How can we keep our son or daughter safe on the football field?


Foremost in all our minds should be teaching children proper techniques so they are learning to do things the safe and correct way. One of the great ways to prevent injury is to consistently teach age appropriate and proper techniques that are learned from a very early age so they become natural to the player. This is “YOUTH FOOTBALL” and I would remind coaches to please remember that youth football should be a positive learning experience, and I would suggest that parents play an active role in that experience.










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