Gate Prices

Seniors 62 and over $4.00

Adults 18 through 61 years $5.00

Youth 12 through 17 years $4.00

Children 6 through 11 years $3.00

5 years and under free




Only players in uniform and coaches wearing appropriate “Coaches Attire” will be allowed entrance free of charge.

Dress Code will be in effect for all GEYF Coaches.

Only Ice Chests and Coolers for team usage will be allowed through the entrance gates.

No outside food or drink will be allowed through the entrance gates with the exception of team usage.

Pop – Ups will not be allowed in the stands but single person umbrellas can be utilized.

Only Action Digital Photography will be given sideline access, all other photographers must remain in the stands.

GEYF Coaching Staffs are limited to a total of (6) coaches on the sideline with a limit of (1) ball boy. Coaches from other teams and or divisions must remain in the stands.


Ron L. White
Executive Director GEYF