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 Independence High School Area



Area Rep

Jen Ramirez-Sefo

Phone:  (661) 427-6566

Email:  RavensFootballProgram@gmail.com



Divisions Years
Rookie Conference Champions  
Rookie Conference & League Champions  
Freshmen Conference Champions 2016
Freshmen Conference & League Champions  
Sophomore Conference Champions  
Sophomore Conference & League Champions  
JV Conference Champions  
JV Conference & League Champions  
Varsity Conference Champions  
Varsity Conference & League Champions  






Photos Name Number
  E. Peaker 1
  D.A. Garcia 2
  A. Arcepo 11
  J. Morales 17
  L. Orozco 19
  M. Herrera 20
  J. De La Cruz 21
  G. Austin 22
  C.G. Duenas 16
  E. Sutton 24
  A. Charles 25
  S. Black 28
  S. Moreno 56
  R. Flores 34
  M. Denis 44
  I. Leal 51
  M. Tallant 52
  J. Reytes 30
  E. Lopez 69
  A. King 70
  B. Garcia 78
  D. Garcia 81
  t. Leal 82
  D. Onyeguli 85
  S. Franco 88
  C. Briones 15
  G. Valenzuela 99


Photos Name Number
  T. Franklin 1
  T. Lewis 2
  A. Rico 3
  J. Rico 4
  Z. Laulusa 5
  C. Franklin 7
  D.J. Young 10
  M. Francisco 13
  D. Owens 20
  G. Holgate 22
  O. Pina 23
  C. Fleeman 25
  J. Blackett 27
  E. Goodison 45
  F. Valenica 52
  K. Sefo 55
  L. Laulu 56
  E. Guardiola 58
  B. Stevens 65
  R. Garcia 67
  S. Guardiola 69
  E. Quiroz 71
  C. Stoops 72
  A. Davis 85
  K. Buck 87
  J. Tallant 95


Photos Name Number
  A. Galvan 4
  H. Ackerman 5
  J. Yates 7
  J. Cisneros 9
  J. Hasking 11
  D. Hernandez 13
  A. Onyeguli 14
  J. Gutierrez 15
  A. Infante 16
  J. Spell 18
  A. Arceo 20
  Big D. Garcia 21
  D. Garcia 23
  A. Franco 24
  E. Villatoro 26
  M. Anguiano 29
  M. Sanchez 44
  J. Martin 49
  A. Tapia 52
  J. Rodrigu3ez 53
  I. Sarabia 54
  B. Anaya 55
  M. White 63
  S. Robertson 73
  J. Tanner 77
  L. Tapia 80
  A. Villarreal 81


Photo Name Number
  K. Hastings 2
  J. Hernandez 6
  D. Avila 7
  E. Estrada 8
  J. Chairez 10
  G. Munoz 11
  D. Scott 12
  C. Dilly 13
  N. Ramos 17
  E. Pina 23
  P. Ackerman 24
  D. Williams 26
  J. Lopez 27
  J. Ervin 34
  A. Paz 50
  B. Royer 53
  T. Tia 54
  E. Gonzalez 75
  D. Gallardo 77
  N. Alvarez 80
  G. Davis 82
  C. Chavira 85
  A. Moreno 87
  J. Rivas 88
  C. Mejia 97
  B. Watts 98
  S.A. Lung 99





  A. Lewis 2
  L. Villanueva 4
  A. Estrada 5
  K. Hodges 6
  B. Gutierrez 7
  B. Peaker 8
  L. Smith 11
  T. Chavez 13
  D. Gilstrap 15
  C. Gutierrez 16
  J. Garcia 19
  J. Torres 20
  A. Infante 21
  M. Anguiano 22
  X. Martinez 23
  S. Gutierrez 25
  D. Estrella 30
  I. Zavala 32
  Z. Davis 34
  M. Galvan 38
  J. Gonzales 39
  J. Senoran 50
  D. Lora 52
  E. Arceo 61


T. Tow 66
  M. Robles 77
  J. Sanchez 78
  K. Thompson 88
  E. Tia 92
  M. Gonzles 99




(Coaches Subject to Board Approval)



Varsity Head Coach Mark Morse

JV Head Coach Junior Sefo

Sophomore Head Coach Jose Arceo

Freshmen Head Coach Michael Chairez


Head Coach Robert Gilstrap

Assistant Varsity Coach Doug Denver

Assistant JV Coach Shane Sefo

Assistant Sophomore Coach Philip Ackerman

Assistant Freshmen Coach Josua Pena

Assistant Rookies 

Coach Josh Tow

Assistant Varsity Coach Juan Pantoja

Assistant JV Coach Randy Goodison

Assistant Sophomore Coach Efrain Tapia

Assistant Freshmen Coach Manuel Sanchez

Assistant Rookies 

Coach Virgil Smith

Assistant Varsity Coach William Rivas

Assistant JV Coach Gary Davis

Assistant Sophomore Coach Robert Yates-Thompson

Assistant Freshmen Coach Edward Johnson

Assistant Rookies 

Coach Lance Davis


Assistant Varsity Coach Lance Austin

Assistant JV Coach Don Laulusa

Assistant Sophomore Coach Jaime Duarte

Assistant Freshmen Coach

Assistant Rookies 

Coach Hector Gutierrez


Assistant Varsity Coach

Assistant JV Coach

Anthony Holgate

Assistant Sophomore Coach Elio Garcia

Assistant Freshmen Coach

Assistant Rookies 




Assistant Varsity Coach

Assistant JV Coach

Jen Ramirez-Sefo

Assistant Sophomore Coach

Assistant Freshmen Coach

Assistant Rookies 



Assistant Varsity Coach

Assistant JV Coach

Assistant Sophomore Coach

Assistant Freshmen Coach

Assistant Rookies 














6630 Rosedale

 Hwy., Ste C

Bakersfield, CA


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(661) 213-3970








701 La Paz Ct.

Bakersfield, CA









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